Rational Numbers

Problems based on Class 8 NCERT Chapter 1 Rational Numbers

Solutions of NCERT Exercise 1.1

Question 10:

i. The rational number that doesn't have a reciprocal.

ii. The rational numbers which are equal to their reciprocals.

iii. The rational number that is equal to its negative


i. 0 since it is a rational number but its reciprocal is not defined.

ii. 1 and -1 are required ratioanal numbers.

iii. 0 is required rational number.

Question 11:
Fill in the blanks.

i. Zero has _______ reciprocal.

ii. The numbers _________ and ________ are their own reciprocals.

iii. The reciprocal of -5 is ________.

iv. Reciprocal of $\frac{1}{x}$ where $x \neq 0$ is ________.

v. The product of two rational numbers is always a _________.

vi. The reciprocal of positive rational number is __________.


i. No

ii. 1 and -1

iii. $\frac{-1}{5}$

iv. x

v. Rational number

vi. Positive rational number