Class 11

Study Material, MCQs, Textbooks solutions for CBSE Class 11 subjects.


Physics Syllabus (2017-18)
Simple Physics Quiz 
Ch2 Range of Measurements
Ch2 -  Error Analysis
Ch2 - Dimension Analysis
Ch2 - Units and Measurements (MCQs)
Physical Constants

Types of Vectors

Ch3 Motion in Straight Line - 1
Ch3 Motion in Straight Line - 2

Motion In a Straight Line (Revision Test)

Projectile Motion (Assignment Sheet)

Work Energy Power (Revision Test)
Work Energy Power (Assignment -1)

Laws Of Motion (Revision Test)

Gravitation - Understanding Mass and Weight
Gravitation - Kepler's Laws

Centre Of Mass and Rotational Motion (Assignment)

Class 11 - Physics - Half Year Sample Question Paper (2018-19)


Chemistry Syllabus (2017-18)
How to learn about Chemical Formula?
All about Names of the Chemical Elements
Mole Concept
Discoveries In Atomic Structure
Law of Chemical Combinations

Four New Elements Added in Periodic Table
Quiz On Gases

Ch 9 - Hydrogen (Very Short Q & A)

Ch14 - Environmental Chemistry - Atmospheric Pollution (Concept Points)

Chemistry Half Year Question Paper (2018-19)

Computer Science

Computer Science Syllabus (2017-18)
Simple C++ Snippets (Part-1)
Simple C++ Snippets (Part-2)
Simple C++ Snippets (Part-3)
Simple C++ Snippets (Part-4)
Simple C++ Snippets (Part-5) 
Computer Fundamentals (MCQs)
Simple C++ Snippets (Part-6)
Programming Languages
Generations Of Computers

C++ Sumita Arora Textbook Solutions
CH1 - Computer Overview
CH6 - Getting Started With C++
CH11 - Flow Of Control

SA1-Computer Science - Sample Question Paper
Computer Science (C++) Half Year Exam - Question Paper (2018-19)
Computer Science (C++) Annual Question Paper (2018-19)


Class 11 Biology Syllabus (2017-18)
The Living World (NCERT Chapter Solutions)
The Living World (AIPMT 7 MCQs)
The Living World (Taxonomical Aids)
Biological Classification (NCERT Chapter Q & A)
Kingdom Fungi (AIPMT MCQs)
Plant Nutrition MCQs (AIPMT/NEET)
Plants Of Special Interests (Pre-Medical)
Environmental Biology MCQs (AIPMT/NEET)
List of Important Proteins
Animal  Tissues (Part-1) V Short Q & A
Role of Micro and Macro Nutrients in Plants
Epidermal Tissue System in Plants (Important Points)
Classification of Plants
Nehemiah Grew - Father of Plant Anatomy
Understanding Plant Growth (Q & A)
HIV/AIDS (A Brief Introduction)


PSA Sample Paper by CBSE
PSA Study Material by Delhi NCT Govt. Teachers


English - Reading Comprehension
English - Reading Comprehension (class-12 2017 Exam Paper Question)

Reading Comprehension(Set-4)
Common Official Sentences
Cloze Test-2
Cloze Test-3

English Grammar Quiz
Kinds of Sentences (Part 1)
One Word Substitution (List of 20 Words) or Play Quiz
Commonly Misspelt Words
Nouns That Exist In Plural Form
Commonly Used Latin Phrases
Phrasal Prepositions
13 Fun Facts about English Words
A Quiz On Shakespeare's Plays
Words to Use Instead of 'Very'
Common Errors In English Usage
Cloze Test and Error Correction

English Hornbill - Chapter Notes, Questions & Answers

The Portrait of A Lady - By Khuswant Singh (Chapter Summary)

Business Studies

Class 11 Business Studies (Syllabus) - (2017-18)
Ch1: Nature and Purpose of Business (MCQs)
Ch1: Characteristics of Business
Ch1: Business vs Profession vs Employment
Ch1: Nature and Purpose of Business - Classification Of Commerce
Ch2: Forms of Business Organization
Ch4: Business Services (Introduction)
Ch4: Banks and Functions Of Commercial Banks
Ch4: Insurance Services
Ch10: International Business-I (NCERT Answers)


 Special Mathematical Constants
 SETS (NCERT Ex 1.1)
 SETS (Unit Test Paper)


Chapter 1: Basic Terms
Accountancy Sample Question Paper (2016-17)
Accountancy (Syllabus) - 2017-18
Chapter 2 - Systems and Basis of Accounting (Revision Notes)
Chapter 2 - Introduction to Book Keeping (Study Notes)


Economics - Ch1 Introduction of Economics (Worksheet)
Economics - Ch1 Indian Economy (MCQs)
Economics - Chapter - India On the Eve of Independence and Planning (Unit Test Paper)
Economics - India on the eve of Independence (Q & A)
Economics - Ch 4: Problem of Poverty In India (Q & A)
Economics - Ch 7 - Employment - Growth, Informalisation and Related Issues (Q & A)

Physical Education

Physical Education Syllabus (2017-18)
Physical  Education Sample Question Paper (2016-17)
Physical Education Sample Question Paper


Chapter 1: Sociology - Points to remember